Monday, January 7, 2013

Update and New Content.
Hey everyone Sorry we have not been able to post new Comics in a while. But we have a new chance to change that. No this is not a New Years Resolution, it is more like a impasse. Our Artist, Angie Wallis has graduated from school and is now trying to become a world famous artist. She has promised she will post a new comic for every 5 commissions she receives. So go to her deviantart page ( to see her stuff and order a commission from her. (By emailing her at We have a large amount of comics written but not drawn. With your help we can get them all up on the site and help get her business and notoriety. If each of you just ordered one commission she could have a huge amount a business and we could get the rest of this comic to you. So help us out.
Oh rules for commissions:  For a quick sketch commissions, it can either be a bust (head and shoulders) for $5, or full figure for $10. These will be fairly quick loose sketches for people who want to check out her skills for themselves. There are also color versions, in bust ($15) and full-body with some simple little background ($30).
Commissions would be great as a wedding gift to a friend or family member. Or a gift to a Harry Potter enthusiast, have him or her drawn on the Hogwarts Express platform with some of his or her favorite characters. Or you could have your family drawn as the Superman family flying through the streets. It would be great for a mother and her new baby, or a bride in her wedding dress. Angie can really do anything you can think of, she is just that good.
For example these are the Christmas pictures I commissioned her to do.

Every view to our blog and every commission to her counts.
Thanks  Thomas and Angie (The Writer and The Artist)